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Want to manage your company’s or clients’ financial records?

MS Excel can now be used to manage complete financial records such as invoices, profit and loss statements, salary slips, balance sheets, accounts payable and receivable, and so on.

All excel templates are available for free download and use.

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Accounts Payable Excel Template

In layman’s terms, an accounts payable ledger is a list of suppliers that includes information such as invoice number, date of invoice, date of payments made, and outstanding balance.

Accounts Payable is made up of three basic functions:

  • External business expenses must be reported and paid
  • Make internal transfers
  • Vendor payments are monitored and processed

Accounts Receivable Excel Template

Accounts receivable ledger is a list of debtors to whom we have rendered a service or supplied goods, along with details such as invoice number, date of invoice, date wise payments received, and outstanding receivables from a specific client or all in general.

Accounts receivable is in charge of the following tasks:

  • Create a proper invoice for the goods or services provided
  • Invoices should be entered into the appropriate customer account
  • Check the prices against the Purchase order or Delivery Challan
  • If there is a mismatch, report it and issue a debit/credit note
  • Ensure that invoices are collected on time in accordance with payment terms or contracts
  • Make a list of all outstanding invoices that are past due
  • Report invoices settled against collections made
  • Consolidate invoices and payment statements between the company and the customer

Cash Book Excel Template

Cash Books keep track of cash transactions that occur in a business on a daily or regular basis. A Cash Book is similar to a ledger account. There is no need to create a separate cash ledger account.

The Essentials of a Cash Book

  • Only cash and bank transactions are recorded in the Cash Book
  • It keeps track of transactions in chronological order
  • A credit balance cannot exist in the cash column
  • It is both a subsidiary and a primary accounting book

Invoice Excel Templates

An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to his customer for the supply of goods or the rendering of services.

It is a legal binding of the customer’s payment receipt. It is also referred to as bill.

Any business concerns? Create an invoice for the following purposes:

  • Keep track of the sale of goods or services
  • Serves as a legal document for the payment right
  • Income should be documented for tax and accounting purposes
  • Examine employee sales performance

Expense Report Excel Template

An expense report is a reimbursement form used by businesses to track their business spending. It allows you to keep track of business expenses for an employee’s business trip, a specific department, or any company project.

It keeps track of expenses and relevant documentation quickly.

Expense Report Applications:

  • Employee expenses paid on behalf of the company are reimbursed
  • Keeping track of and reporting on business expenses
  • For tax purposes. Tax liability is reduced by business expenses
  • The expense report is used by businesses for analysis
  • It assists management in reducing unnecessary expenses
  • Expense reports aid in the detection of fraudulent spending

Petty Cash Book Excel Template

Petty Cash Book is a book of accounts used to record small-value routine business expenses. It’s a kind of cash book.

In large corporations, the head cashier is in charge of the general cash book. These payments and receipts total hundreds or thousands of dollars per day.

Furthermore, if the chief cashier is required to keep track of various expenses in his book, his workload increases and becomes hectic. Eventually, this will impede work efficiency.

As a result, to relieve him of this additional burden, the handling of these minor head expenses is delegated to an assistant cashier, receptionist, or other dependable employee.

Inventory Management Excel Template

Inventory management is the process of monitoring and maintaining the purchase, sale, and stock of goods in order to ensure supply availability at the time of disbursement and to save dead stock.

This procedure entails:

  • Managing appropriate purchase
  • Proper product storage
  • Product dispatch and reporting must be done correctly
  • Product sales are being tracked
  • Examine the stock’s movement

Billing Statement Excel Template

Accounting details, billing status, and other information about your customer/client are all included in a billing statement. It is also useful for keeping track of invoices.

A billing statement includes the following items:

  • Customer Specifics
  • Billing Statement Specifications
  • Remittance Information from the Supplier
  • Accounts Summary
  • Invoice Specifications
  • Payment Specifics
  • Outstanding Account Balance
  • Section for Signatures


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